Cream Peas Recipe – 7 Best Steps For A Delicious Dish

Cream Peas Recipe - 7 Best Steps For A Delicious Dish
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Cream peas recipe – a dish that has been passed down through generations, bringing comfort and nostalgia to our family gatherings. The velvety smoothness of the cream, paired with the tender sweetness of the peas, creates a flavor combination that is simply irresistible. Whether you’re looking for a new side dish to impress your dinner guests or simply craving a taste of home, this cream peas recipe is sure to satisfy. Join as we delve into the secrets of this beloved dish, exploring its history, variations, and tips for achieving perfection. Get ready to indulge in a creamy, dreamy delight that will have your taste buds dancing with joy with some benefits below!.

1. Cream Peas Recipe

Cream Peas Recipe
Cream Peas Recipe
Whenever you asked me to choose my favorite vegetable, I would always say that I loved peas. Even though they aren’t the most glamorous or well-liked veggies, I have always loved them and have done so since I was a small child. One of my all-time favorite side dishes is the pea salad that I published earlier this year. Although these creamed peas are far easier to make than the canned peas I ate as a child, they are still a great option for weeknight dinners and special occasions. They’re a simple, tasty side dish that comes together quickly and tastes fantastic with only four basic ingredients: flour, butter, milk, and peas. Comfort food, indeed! Creamed peas are a quick and easy side dish that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. A roux is the foundation, and milk is added to create a Béchamel sauce. The peas should then be added and cooked for a few minutes. It’s the fundamental formula. Of course, you may garnish with other spices, butter, or fresh herbs. For added richness, I like to add a little heavy cream at the end of my creamed peas dish. If you are interested in similar topics, you can also refer to The Benefits of Peas and Carrots: A Nutritional Powerhouse

2. Cream Peas Recipe – Needed Ingredients

Cream Peas Recipe - Needed Ingredients
Cream Peas Recipe – Needed Ingredients
You’ll like how simple this dish is to make! As always, a printable recipe card is available at the conclusion of this article. Let’s now examine the items you should have on hand:
  • All-purpose flour and unsalted butter are used to make the roux for the Béchamel sauce.
  • Garlic powder is optional, although it gives the peas a pleasant taste.
  • Half-and-half or full milk. It’s possible that you won’t need the heavy cream if you use half and half.
  • Use either white or black pepper in place of the salt and pepper.
  • If all you have is canned peas, add them last. Add frozen peas. Avoid overcooking them to avoid them becoming mushy.
  • Heavy cream: To give the meal a bit more richness, I like to drizzle a little heavy cream over the creamed peas. You are free to leave out the cream if you would choose.

3. Cream Peas Recipe – Instructions For A Delicious Dish

Cream Peas Recipe - Instructions For A Delicious Dish
Cream Peas Recipe – Instructions For A Delicious Dish
  • The following kitchen tools are necessary: a medium saucepan, measuring cups, spoons, and knives, a chopping board, an onion chopper, a whisk, and a large spoon for combining everything.
  • Thawing the peas before adding them to the cream sauce is not required.
  • Refrain from adding extra liquid even if the cream sauce appears thick after you’ve added the peas. As they defrost and leak liquid into the sauce, it will somewhat thin.
  • If you have whole milk on hand, you might substitute it for the half-and-half that I like for creamed peas. Simply combine equal parts heavy cream and milk to produce your own half-and-half.
  • A handmade bechamel sauce usually has nutmeg added to it, and I love to add a sprinkle or two to this recipe. It is optional, and you may choose not to include it, but it gives the sauce a richer taste that goes well with the peas.
  • Alternatively, you might replace the chopped onion with one cup of frozen pearl onions. Cook them in the saucepan with the peas until they are well cooked and thawed.
  • Remaining creamed peas can be kept in the fridge for up to four days in an airtight container. Warm up the food gradually in a pot over medium heat or in the microwave in individual portions.

4. Cream Peas Recipe – Storage Information

  • Keeping Remainders: You may keep leftover creamed peas in the fridge for up to three days if you put them in an airtight container. To reheat the peas, either put them in the microwave and cook them for 30 seconds at 50% power or gently reheat them on low heat on the stove.
  • Cold-pressing: Freeze the cooled creamed peas in a freezer-safe ziploc bag for a maximum of three months.


In conclusion, this cream peas recipe offers a delightful and satisfying way to enjoy this versatile vegetable. The creamy texture combined with the subtle flavors of garlic and herbs create a delicious side dish that can complement a variety of main courses. Whether served as a side dish or a vegetarian main course, this recipe is sure to please both pea lovers and skeptics alike. With its simple ingredients and easy preparation, it is a perfect option for busy weeknight dinners or special occasions. So go ahead and give this cream peas recipe a try, and elevate your meal with a burst of creamy goodness and delightful flavors.  

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